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This video will get you started before you hit the water, so you are ready to use Spydro on that next fishing trip. How does it work? How do you change the camera settings? How light is Spydro Really or is it the great Buoyancy that makes it sink so slowly? Do I need to open a cap to charge it (no!)? What data does Spydro collect?

“We believe we have the smartest and most advanced underwater fishing camera available,” says Spydro’s CEO ahead of outlining his ambitious plans to build a powerful business around his product. Selling in 32 countries worldwide, the Spydro underwater fishing camera is making serious inroads

SPYDRO is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures action videos of fish biting your lures. SPYDRO syncs the short videos to your mobile device as soon as you get the catch above water. Simultaneously, SPYDRO logs the location and environmental data with each video it captures. The SPYDRO app will map the strikes and create the fishing route of your day’s catch!

We are very happy to announce Spydro™ new feature: Squid Light. Many of us love using squid for bait or enjoying it Mexican style 😊; yet fishing it out might need some extra motivation. Squid Light is a unique LED sequence that attracts the squid to your lure.

Did you know that we are more than 140 million recreational anglers in the world? And that we fish mostly in North America, Europe and Oceania. This means that together, we do have an impact on the environment and we need to take responsibility for that.

Finally weekend and I can relax a bit. And why not with a Spydro Video? This video is one that I can see over and over again. The colors, the sharpness.. It just transports me in to those waters where I can relax. The music is great and I watch the fish, their daily life, chasing a lure, getting hooked.

Giant Pike Are On The Menu…… This morning when I am sitting glued to my laptop with heaps of work ahead of me, messages over Whats-app start to come in. It is Daniel Altmann that is fishing in Lake Lucern, Switzerland. I envy him in this beautiful calm landscape.

Let me introduce Mirko. You see a lot from him on our Facebook page and this is him. He lives on Sardinia, Italy and is an angler in his heart and mind. I love talking to him with his Italian accent and passion for what we do. Sometimes he asks me to correct his English on his FB posts,