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Spydro – The Smartest
Underwater Fishing

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Spydro® is the first smart fishing camera that captures amazing HD footage from the tip of the line. Its perfect hydrodynamic behavior, advanced power management capabilities and intuitive hands-free operation truly empowers the fishing experience by revealing what’s going on underwater. Synced with our mobile-app it automatically creates a fishing diary available to analyze and share onsite. Stop guessing and start seeing with Spydro®.

Notable Features
  • Full HD with Ultra-wide Lens
  • Marine-grade by Design
  • Hands-free Operation
  • Ambient, Water-conditions Sensors
  • Auto-generated Fishing Diary
  • Advanced Stabilized Body
  • Night Vision
  • Bait & Squid Calling Light
  • Magnetic Charger


Key Specifications
  • Supported HD modes: 1080p@30FPS | 720p@60FPS | 720p@30FPS
  • Battery life: ~3.5 hrs of recording
  • Dimensions: 6′ X 1′ X 1′ (15 cm X 3 cm X 3 cm)
  • Weight: 3.1 oz. (90 gr)
  • Built-in SD Card: 32GB
  • WiFi range: up to 260 ft. (80m)

What's in the Box

Not Available
    • Spydro® 16GB or 32GB
    • Magnetic Charging Cable
    • Weights Holder
    • 2 x Weights (small and medium)
    • Weights Holder Release Key
    • Branded Float for Live-Streaming
    • Branded Carrying Pouch
    • User Manual
    • Sticker

Spydro Premium
    • Spydro® 32GB
    • Magnetic Charging Cable
    • Rubber weight holder
    • Weight bar
    • Floater
    • User Manual
    • All packed neatly in an EVA, Waterproof Case


Accessories Kit
    • Magnetic charger USB cable
    • 2 x Weights, holder and release key
    • Spydro® branded pouch
    • Spydro® branded float

Weight Holder
Boat Mount
(can be purchased separately)


Does Spydro® live-stream the action it captures to my mobile device?
Yes, but it depends on the fishing style.
Since WiFi transmission cannot travel through water, live-stream to your mobile device can only work when using the included float (as it keeps the camera’s tail hanging outside the water surface). This allows a bird’s-eye view of your fishing environment.
Once Spydro® is submerged, the action videos it captures will not be live-streamed but can be easily downloaded to your mobile device as soon as it resurfaces.What can I do to prevent losing Spydro® in case the line breaks?
Spydro® unique design offers perfect hydrodynamic behavior and high buoyancy factor; which both significantly contribute to its underwater navigability to avoid obstacles. That being said, it is recommended to create a weaker link between your main line and the leader; just below Spydro®.How far from my lure/bait should I place Spydro® on my fishing line?
Normally Spydro® is placed 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) bef your Lure, on your line.Do I need a network to be available onsite?
No, you don’t.So how can I link Spydro® to my mobile device if there is no WiFi/Cellular/Satellite connection at my location?
Spydro® creates a WiFi hotspot, to which you can easily connect your mobile device. Once the link is established, you can download the captured action videos as well as to fully configure the camera.Do I need to edit my action videos before sharing them?
No, there is no need to edit anything.

So how can I avoid sending long videos when the actual action is short?
By using its accelerometer, Spydro® gets intelligently aware when there is action around it (like fish biting the lure) and automatically creates the perfect action footage for you. Those action clips can be downloaded to your mobile device for instant viewing and sharing.

But what if I want to record everything and not only the action?
No problem. Spydro® has a continuous-recording mode allowing constant recording. It’s easily configurable.

How many hours of recording can be saved on the 16GB or 32GB memory card?
The 16GB memory card can store up to 4 hours of full HD footage and 7 hours of SD footage. The 32GB memory card’s capacity is double.

How do I turn Spydro® ON/OFF if it hasn’t got any buttons?
Spydro® turns ON automatically when thrown into the water and automatically shuts OFF when taken out of the water. This means that you need not worry about forgetting to turn it ON or OFF.
If you want to manually turn it ON, simply wet its sensors (placed on top; where the charging connectors are located). If you want to manually turn it OFF, simply place it vertically for couple of seconds. You can also use the mobile-app.

What is Spydro®’s expected battery life?
Spydro®’s battery lasts ~3.5 hours on a single charge.

How deep can Spydro® go?
Spydro® maximum tested depth is ~450 feet (150 meters). Spydro™ is factory-sealed using ultrasonic welding, which dramatically improves its marine-grade properties and sturdiness.