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The World’s First Smart Fishing Camera

Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures short videos of fish biting your lures and syncs them with your mobile device. Simultaneously, Spydro logs the location and accompanying sensor data with each video it captures. The Spydro app then uses these bite events as waypoints in an automatically created fishing route...
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Product Description

Technical Specifications

Spydro In-Action


What's in the box

– Spydro Camera
– Built-in SD Card
– Float
– Magnetic USB Cable

– Weight x2
– Weight Holder
– Pouch


What if there is no connection/internet/satellite service at sea, how can I connect to Spydro?

Spydro is a Wi-Fi hot spot. Simply put, Spydro creates a Wi-Fi connection that you connect to with a mobile device.
Through this connection, Spydro sends you videos, notifications and live stream footage. There is no need for any service or satellite connection.

Do I need to edit my catch videos before sharing them?

No, there is no need to edit long underwater footage anymore!
Spydro is a smart fishing camera that, through its many smart sensors, detects any fishing bites that might occur and begins recording (along with the addition of the 10 seconds previous to the bite). These videos are then transmitted to your phone for instant viewing and sharing.

Though, if you wish, Spydro has a mode allowing it constantly recording. It’s a simple tap of the button on your phone to change between the many modes.

Does Spydro Live stream from underwater?

Unfortunately, no. Wi-Fi doesn’t work underwater. Instead, Spydro transmits the short action videos it captures to your mobile device as soon as it resurfaces.
So as you reel in, or change lures/bait you can learn from the videos Spydro just captured.

Though, Spydro can transmit live video to your mobile device if you use Spydro as a float/bobber. This allows you to get live, bird’s eye view of your fishing environment.

What happens if the line breaks?

To avoid this, use a heavier fishing line to connect Spydro’s tail to your rod, and a thinner leader from Spydro’s front to your lure/bait. This will ensure higher chances of the leader breaking instead of your main line, and thus keeping Spydro attached.

Also, Spydro, if not accessorized with heavyweights, floats to the surface. So in the case of both lines snapping, it’s a matter of picking Spydro up from the water.

How many hours of recording can be saved on the 8GB or 16GB memory card?

The 8GB memory card can store up to 2 hours of high-resolution video, and 3.5 hours of lower resolution video.
The 16GB memory card can store up to 3.5 hours of high-resolution video.

How do I turn Spydro on/off without any buttons?

Spydro turns on with the detection of water on its top sensor, it turns off when it’s out of the water so you never forget to turn it on or off.
In addition, you can always turn off Spydro with a tap of a button on the Spydro mobile app.

What is the battery life on Spydro?

Spydro’s battery last 3.5 hours on a single charge.

How deep can Spydro go?

Spydro’s maximum tested depth is 360 Feet.

How far from my Lure should I place Spydro on my fishing line?

Normally Spydro is placed 2-5 feet from your lure, on your line.

What are Spydro’s dimensions?

15X3X3 Cm (6X1x1 Inch)
Weight 90Gr (3.1 oz)