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Spydro tutorial video

Connecting Spydro to your PC or boat electronics terminal

1. Connect to Spydro WIFI with the PC

2. Open VLC player – can be downloaded here :


3. open the following URL:


Updating Spydro Firmware

Spydro Firmware Update Instructions:

  1. Download firmware upgrade files from here and extract the files “factory.brn” + “RECOVER”
  2. Connect your Spydro charging cable to the PC or Mac
  3. Turn on Spydro and right after connect the magnetic charger
  4. Spydro should appear as a disk on your computer
  5. Copy the two files to the roor directory of Spydro
  6. Take off the magnetic charger and allow Spydro to turn off
  7. Turn on Spydro and it will perform upgrade (flashing red and blue until it will restart)
  8. Your firmware is now upgraded

Weight holder installation

Charging Spydro cable issue

Turning on Spydro

Switching to recording without phone connection

Spydro user manual

Click here to view the Spydro User Manual.

Spydro support by email