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We are more than 140 Million anglers in the world!

September 18, 2018

Did you know that we are more than 140 million recreational fishers in the world? And that we fish mostly in North America, Europe and Oceania. This means that together, we do have an impact on the environment and we need to take responsibility for that.

We all know that recreational fishers- or anglers – do take action, and it is great to see that FAO acknowledges that. A lot of the fishing license money goes back to habitat management for example and in many areas there is a strict Catch and Release policy. Here in Norway for example, we need to report to our local fishing club size and weight of the catch for some species.  If you want to know more about what FAO says on the topic, read their report here.

Catch & Release is a real advantage anglers have over hunters that are very restricted in when and how much. And as hunters have their antlers on the wall in their cabin, we can share our moment of pride straight through our mobile phones. In the moment!

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Weekend Relax with Spydro Waters

September 8, 2018

Aaaah…  Finally weekend and I can relax a bit. And why not with a Spydro Video? This video is one that I can see over and over again. The colors, the sharpness.. It just transports me in to those waters where I can relax. The music is great and I watch the fish, their daily life, chasing a lure, getting hooked. Over and over until I find myself deeply relaxed. Wonderful!



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Mountain lake envy and giant pike on the hook!

September 5, 2018

This morning when I am sitting glued to my laptop with heaps of work ahead of me,  

messages over Whats-app start to come in. It is Daniel Altmann that is fishing in Lake Lucern, Switzerland. I envy him in this beautiful calm landscape. I start dreaming about going out, being on lakes, in weather, close to nature. But alas, back to work!


After a few hours Daniel shares an amazing video with us. A giant pike is striking at his lure! I can’t believe this is happening just a few moments ago! And we get to share Daniel’s excitement with him. The footage is excellent and check out the speed with which the pike strikes!



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Mirko the Master

August 30, 2018



Let me introduce Mirko. 🙂 You see a lot from him on our Facebook page and this is him. He lives on Sardinia, Italy and is an angler in his heart and

mind. I love talking to him with his Italian accent and passion for what we do. Sometimes he asks me to correct his English on his FB posts, and I do, other times he gets carried away and posts straight to FB with his own English. And those are the posts I love the most. From the heart, as they are, with the Italian accent heard in the spelling and structure. Vibrating of passion for the Sea, for fishing, for Spydro.






Mirko has another amazing talent, and that is his video making. A real artist. Truly mesmerizing videos and informative to! I wanted to share this latest with you. It goes through all of the fishing techniques were you can use Spydro and the features that go with them. Enjoy!


Spydro Features and Fishing Techniques

What fishing techniques do you like the most? Spydro will be with you all the way and capture every exciting moment of the strikes and bites!Check this video out for Spydro features for every technique!!thanks to: Eric Liorio, Italo Labignan, Mirko Serra, Samuel Elgrishi, Andres Orts, Daniel Altmann.

Posted by Spydro on Thursday, 23 August 2018


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Trying to get the kids excited about fishing?

August 25, 2018

How many times have you geared your kids up for a day out fishing and come home with nothing? I have, too many times, and my heart sinks. Both for the disappointment of my kids, but also because I really want them to get hooked. Enjoy the wait, the thrill and the catch. I just love to see those proud faces and big smiles. Memories for life that add to self confidence and the feeling of mastery!

One of our customers sent us this video and I immediately thought “I bet he tried to get the kids excited!”. I don’t know, maybe he was just testing the camera. 🙂 I love the footage though; Barramundi just waiting to be caught somewhere in Australia.

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