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Ice fishing is in full swing in North America and anglers are always looking for better ways to remember their outings and of course capture the action of the bite. I fish with jigging stands, straight-out jig poles, and tips-ups depending on weather, species, and if there are kiddos on the ice doing more than …
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This video will get you started before you hit the water, so you are ready to use Spydro on that next fishing trip. How does it work? How do you change the camera settings? How light is Spydro Really or is it the great Buoyancy that makes it sink so slowly? Do I need to open a cap to charge it (no!)? What data does Spydro collect?

“We believe we have the smartest and most advanced underwater fishing camera available,” says Spydro’s CEO ahead of outlining his ambitious plans to build a powerful business around his product. Selling in 32 countries worldwide, the Spydro underwater fishing camera is making serious inroads

The enjoyable part of fishing after the catch, is sharing photos and video of the catch with your friends and family. Spydro®, made by iFloat Systems LTD, is the most advanced inline underwater camera available today. Packed with unique features, Spydro® enhances an angler’s experience

SPYDRO is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures action videos of fish biting your lures. SPYDRO syncs the short videos to your mobile device as soon as you get the catch above water. Simultaneously, SPYDRO logs the location and environmental data with each video it captures. The SPYDRO app will map the strikes and create the fishing route of your day’s catch!