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Rigging your Spydro Underwater Camera for Panfish

Rigging your Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera for Panfish is easy and takes little time. This article will explain how to rig your Spydro camera for Panfish.

So, you’ve purchased the best inline underwater camera, the Spydro, and you are wondering how do I rig my new camera for Panfish? Here is what you will need and the way I recommend you do so…

First, you will need a few things that are not included in your Spydro kit. Split ring pliers, size 2 split ring (1), size 1 snap swivels (2), 30-pound braided line and 4 to 6-pound monofilament line.

Second, you want to use braided line as your main line. I prefer 30-pound braid as it is the same diameter as 8-pound mono but is much stronger and spools well. I do not recommend you use fluorocarbon or monofilament for your main line.

Third, take your Spydro camera out of the case. Turn the Spydro camera upside down, that is where you will find the rigging rail. You will find a front, middle and back rigging hole.

Fourth, take your split ring plier and attach a size 2 split ring to the back-rigging hole underneath your camera. Connect the size 1 snap swivel to the size 2 snap ring with your split ring plier. Tie your 30-pound braided line to the snap side of the swivel.

Fifth, take your size 1 snap swivel and attach it directly to the front rigging hole underneath your camera by using the snap on the swivel. Tie your 4 to 6-pound monofilament line to the eye of the barrel part of the swivel.

For horizontal rigging, I recommend that you use 2 feet of line in front of your camera when trolling. Your camera weighs 8.5 ounces and is heavier than the tackle you will use. You want the camera to be closer to your lure as the weight of the camera will often sink lower than the lure if trolled with longer line. This makes it difficult to film the action of the lure. Varying your trolling speed can adjust your camera depth.

If you would like to use your camera in a vertical presentation attach the Spydro float to your camera before you tie on your 4 to 6-pound line. The Spydro float keeps the camera above the surface which allows you to connect to any device via the Spydro app. You can watch your lure live and see all activity as it happens from your device.

At this point you should be rigged and ready to fish. Make sure that your camera is fully charged, and you have downloaded the Spydro App to your mobile device!

By Captain Brian Koshenina
Muskies and More Guide Service
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