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Spydro Is Attending Their First US Outdoor Show … The East Tennessee Fishing Show & Expo

When it comes to inland fishing in the United States, bass and crappie fishing are considered tops in many parts of the county, and Tennessee is no exception.

That is why Spydro ( has teamed up with All In Tackle (Booth number 11) to introduce the Spydro camera and explain to anglers why this exact camera is more than just am amazing video camera. The Spydro camera shows anglers what has missed theirs lures, if their lures and rigs are working correctly, what other species are chasing lures and verifies structure and cover to help adjust to conditions.

Yes, Spydro will give anglers amazing footage of strikes, bites and hooks up like no other, and videos can be shared directly to social media pages to help with bragging rights for the day.

Spydro is packed with features:
•    Whether you are trolling, jigging, surf fishing, or sportfishing, you can count on our Spydro underwater fish cam to Store and Share HD 1080p 30 fps or 720p 60/30fps videos.
•    Hands-free Operation – All functions are completed wireless. Spydro® has no manual switches to change, SD cards to remove, compartments to open and no chances for corrosion.
•    Bite Detection – Using motion sensors Spydro® can recognize bite and strikes.
•    Mechanic Design Buoyancy – The unit’s buoyancy allows it’s fall rate to be very slow, allowing for better image capture and lure functionality. For deeper fishing and faster trolling, Spydro is equipped with a weight clip.
•    Wireless & Mobile App – The brains and operation center for Spydro® is its mobile app. Anglers can change video capture settings, lighting, view and share videos directly to social media, view all data and transfer to desktop for the future.
•    Auto-Generated Fishing Diary & Water Condition Sensors – Spydro® intelligently logs fish activity and accompanying environmental data such as temperature, salinity, and speed. Learning the perfect conditions that makes fish strike.
•    Built-in SD – The Spydro® comes equipped with a 32GM internal SD Card that you never have to remove.

Why partner with All In Tackle? Owned and operated by Randy “Jar” Hillyer, ALL In Tackle ( is run by an experienced bass angler who has fished at the highest levels of competitive tournament bass angling and sees Spydro as a tool anglers can use in different ways to improve their time on the water. When Randy gets his new fully loaded 2020 Triton 20 TrX, Spydro will be on it for the ride. One place to look for Spydro will be on Randy’s Minn Kota Fortrex’s motor head, for scouting under docks, brush piles and lay downs.

All In Tackle – A Pros Choice In Fishing Lures Scents. Founded in 2016 to develop and manufacture fishing lure scents that can be used on all forms of fishing tackle from soft plastics to hard baits. It wipes on almost clear so it does not change the color of the bait.  It simply adds an irresistible scent and improves your fish catch success.

If you are interested in learning more about Spydro or All In Tackle lure scents during the show, stop in at Booth 11, and ask “Jar” for the details.

Spydro® is sold all over the world and has started direct sales in North America. Inquiries about Spydro can be directed to