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This new “How-To Video” (above) will get you started before you hit the water, so you are ready to use Spydro on that next fishing trip. How does it work? How do you change the camera settings? How light is Spydro Really or is it the great Buoyancy that makes it sink so slowly? Do I need to open a cap to charge it (no!)? What data does Spydro collect? What lights are available on the camera? What is the track log & GPS points? These are the questions we answer in this video.

Thank you to our friend Mike Borovic for his great work on this video. In Mike’s 1st video (above) about Spydro he offers up his first hand experiences with our underwater camera. If you are a fishing junkie, big game chaser or a ‘once-a-month’ hobbyist the Spydro will be a welcomed addition to your equipment assortment.

What you will learn and what anglers will be able to do with a Spydro camera will be answered.

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