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Spydro ( fishing camera ) Has Sharp Vision Of The Future - Angling International magazine
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“We believe we have the smartest and most advanced underwater fishing camera available,” says Spydro’s CEO ahead of outlining his ambitious plans to build a powerful business around his product.

Selling in 32 countries worldwide, the Spydro underwater fishing camera is making serious inroads in the fast-growing world of hi-tech fishing.

The company was founded just four years ago, in Caesarea, Israel, by its inventor and current CEO, Moordan Trablus, to provide anglers with a device that not only captures underwater footage, but also delivers meaningful information on the fishing environment that is relevant and improves the chances of success on the water.

Moordan told Angling International: “We have designed the Spydro to be the smartest and most advanced underwater fishing camera available. Our mutual love of fishing, combined with our technical background, has enabled us to develop the perfect product that delivers better exploration, understanding and appreciation of the underwater realm.”

Designed for both the full-time big game fishing expert and ‘once-a-month’ hobbyist alike, Spydro can be used in calm freshwater lakes or stormy, open-sea locations.

Its global reach currently includes major markets like the US, Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), Canada and Australia, but the search is continually on to develop sales avenues in other regions across the world.

Moordan explained: “We always look for premium distributors or retailers who want to adopt the latest technologies and sell it through their channels. We have many different and lucrative offerings, starting from a simple affiliate programme, right to an exclusive distributor agreement. Whatever your capacity is, we can adapt accordingly.

“We are also currently looking for strategic alliances and partnerships to integrate Spydro into existing boat terminals and navigation systems. We would love to be working with the likes of Navico, Garmin or Humminbird.”

He added that the company has devised an ‘aggressive’ road map to follow, coming up with new innovative features.

Spydro offers its partners an accessible international support team that ‘walks the extra mile’ to ensure a high satisfaction rate.

In the short term Spydro plans to keep increasing its exposure and market share by developing more marketing and sales channels. “Some of these efforts are carried out by our wonderful pro-staff team,” said Moordan. “This consists of 25 ‘guru-level’ anglers from eight different countries.”

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