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Spydro Inline Underwater Camera Records Catches

The Fishing Wire – July 3, 2019 – The enjoyable part of fishing after the catch, is sharing photos and video of the catch with your friends and family. Spydro®, made by iFloat Systems LTD, is the most advanced inline underwater camera available today. Packed with unique features, Spydro® enhances an angler’s experience with their fishing adventures.

Hands-Free Operation, Superior Buoyancy Properties, Bite-Detection & Action-Tagging, Auto-Generated Fishing Diary, Water Condition Sensors, Ambient Light Sensor, and a Sealed Marine-Grade Capsule with Built-In SD Card makes Spydro® the angler’s best action camera.

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Spydro® Smart Underwater Fishing Camera intelligently captures action videos of fish biting your lures. As soon as you get the catch above water, Spydro® syncs the short videos to your mobile device. Spydro® simultaneously logs the location and environmental data with each video it captures, allowing Spydro® app to map the strikes and create a fishing route of your day’s catch! Continue reading the full article at The Fishing Wire >>

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