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May 6, 2019 – By ODU Magazine – SPYDRO is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures action videos of fish biting your lures. The camera syncs the short videos to your mobile device as soon as you get the catch above water. Simultaneously, logging the location and environmental data with each video it captures. The SPYDRO app will map the strikes and create the fishing route of your day’s catch!

“The camera provides anglers with other pieces of information that stationary underwater camera’s can not. All stationary camera’s do a fine job in a drop and watch situation, but the camera can be cast to where you can’t be, and for all those who troll for saltwater species, trout, walleye, pike, salmon, catfish and panfish the camera can show how a fish hits or doesn’t, which lures are attracting them best for conditions, show water clarity and yes the SPYDRO will map those strikes. Do you tinker with your baits? Now you can run your new lures or altered lures behind your boat and see if they are work as you like. The options given to an anglers are amazing. Honestly, I love the strike pictures I have seen from other anglers and they look amazing. The bobber option provides more functionality to the device as well.”

With Action Moments Recording (AMR), SPYDRO will only record moments of interest. For example, when a fish takes a lure, the camera will detect the Action Moment and start recording the fight. Then as soon as it resurfaces it will seamlessly sync that captured video for instant viewing and sharing. The camera is so smart it even adds the seconds prior to the bite on to the captured video. There is no longer the need to download, browse and manually edit lengthy fishing footage. It captures the best and filters the rest. Link to full story –

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