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Finish-Tackle Online Store (, did a very in-depth comparison of the leading two sport fishing cameras (Spydro vs GoFish) on the market and the team here at Spydro are happy to learn we came out on top. So who is Finish-Tackle? “They are an online store, that carries all types of brands. They carry those big names in the industry along with the small brands, that their quality does not fall from all the others (and to be honest – sometimes they are even better).”


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In this article, I will compare two fishing cameras. Spydro, which is the latest fishing camera on market vs GoFish Cam, which is the most popular fishing camera. So Spydro vs GoFish Cam… who is a better fishing camera? Keep reading to find out.

If you are not familiar with Spydro camera yet, you can read our review on it in here.

I will begin by saying that both cameras, the Spydro, and the GoFish Cam, are great fishing cameras. However, even though both of them have great features, Spydro has some unique features, which for you, as an angler can be very important. So in this post, I will introduce you with these two great fishing cameras on the market and their great features.
Why a fishing camera from the first place?

The world of fishing is having a serious improvement in the last couple of years. With the release of fishing drones and fishing cameras we are able to see great catches by regular anglers while a few years ago, these types of catches, could only be seen (and done) by highly experienced anglers.

While fishing drones can bring your lures and baits to places you couldn’t reach out before, fishing cameras can improve our fishing skills and let you learn many new things you couldn’t know before. Or should I say, you could learn it, but only at the hard and long way.

Till today, on several forums in the internet, I can see so many times people asking questions on how to operate a specific lure using their fishing rod. Operating a fishing lure correctly is highly important, if you want to increase your odds against the fish.

A few years ago, before the days of the GoPro (and all the other action cameras), people answered these questions by trying to explain in words how to operate the fishing rod, which that allows the lure to swim in the best way possible. You could see words like “twitches” “jerks” and other nasty words that for a beginner angler couldn’t help much.

As years went by, people went fishing with an action camera attached to their forehead or their chest, filming the whole fight with the fish. While that is a great improvement, you could only see how to operate the rod. But, you couldn’t see how that affects the lure under the water. Moreover, you couldn’t know if that really triggered out the fish or not.
The Rise of fishing cameras

Having that said, fishing cameras introduce us with the “new” world of fishing. In general, a fishing camera is a waterproof camera that can film everything underwater. You attach it to your main line and cast it along with your bait (or lure).

A good fishing camera can show you exactly what happened. It can show you if the way you operated your lure was attractive enough or not. If you are fishing for carps, it can show you if the bait is interesting enough or not and so on. But that is not all, there is much more with fishing cameras. So, with fishing cameras you can improve your fishing skills a lot.

To read the full article an the reason why Spydro came out clearly on top – go to this link and read the entire article –

Spydro VS GoFish Cam – The Results

On this Spydro vs GoFish Cam comparison, it isn’t that hard to say that Spydro is a much better fishing camera than the GoFish Cam. It seems that Spydro thought about everything on their camera for you. After all, you need to remember that the Spydro is a smart fishing camera, while the GoFish Cam is a “regular” fishing camera.

With Spydro’s unique features like a fishing log, special sensors, smart battery saver and many other great features, no doubt it was an easy call for Spydro.

However, GoFish Cam is a good fishing camera, which gave Spydro a fair fight in this comparison. And if you, for some reason, didn’t like the Spydro, go with GoFish Cam, you won’t be disappointed. Overall, GoFish Cam is still the most popular fishing camera.

But, if I was you, I wouldn’t think twice and get myself the Spydro camera and have those extra “smart” features, which other fishing cameras out there do not have.

Spydro is a fresh new player in town, and I can definitely say that Spydro changed the rules by raising the expectations from a fishing camera. No other fishing cameras like Spydro is currently available in the market. And choosing Spydro will be your best fishing choice and a great value for your money.

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