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Squid Light - Spydro Keeps Getting Smarter

The team at Spydro are very happy to announce Spydro™ new feature: “Squid Light“. Many of us love using squid for bait or enjoying it Mexican style 😊; yet fishing it out might need some extra motivation. Squid Light is a unique LED sequence that attracts the squid to your lure. Especially effective when fishing in low light conditions.


Our team invites you to comment and share other sequences you are aware of or tested yourself to be better…

Spydro™ users enjoy continuous development, to get it all working on your Spydro™, make sure you upgrade to the following versions:

  • IOS 1.5 (70)
  • Android 1.10.91
  • Spydro FW 2074

We are currently working on Spydro™ next feature – “Fish Buzz”; stay tuned…

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