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We are very happy to announce Spydro™ new feature: “Squid Light“.

Many of us love using squid for bait or enjoying it Mexican style 😊; yet fishing it out might need some extra motivation. Squid Light is a unique LED sequence that attracts the squid to your lure. Especially effective when fishing in low light conditions.

[Click on the image above to see the video]
We invite you to comment and share other sequences you are aware of or tested yourself to be better…

Spydro™ users enjoy continuous development, to get it all working on your Spydro™, make sure you upgrade to the following versions:

  • IOS 1.5 (70)
  • Android 1.10.91
  • Spydro FW 2074

We are currently working on Spydro™ next feature – “Fish Buzz”; stay tuned…

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