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We are more than 140 Million anglers in the world

Did you know that we are more than 140 million recreational anglers in the world? And that we fish mostly in North America, Europe and Oceania. This means that together, we do have an impact on the environment and we need to take responsibility for that.

We all know that recreational anglers – do take action, and it is great to see that FAO acknowledges that. A lot of the fishing license money goes back to habitat management for example and in many areas there is a strict Catch and Release policy. Here in Norway for example, we need to report to our local fishing club size and weight of the catch for some species.  If you want to know more about what FAO says on the topic, read their report here.

Catch & Release is a real advantage anglers have over hunters that are very restricted in when and how much. And as hunters have their antlers on the wall in their cabin, we can share our moment of pride straight through our mobile phones. In the moment!

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