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Regretfully not. I wish that would be true, we could be millionaires! 🙂

There is no technology today that can transmit images wireless from under water. We use wi-fi to stream videos to your mobile phone, and wi-fi doesn’t work under water. Nor does Bluetooth. The power of using wi-fi though is that you do get a pretty long range (150 ft.) when putting Spydro on a floater. The wi-fi antenna is located at the tail of Spydro and will transmit to your mobile phone when above water. Spy for fish and checkout conditions!

When under water, it will record your clips, store them and stream them to your mobile phone as soon as it surfaces. 🙂



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  1. Moordan August 29, 2018

    Very nicely described an issue that confuses many…
    Thanks for the clarification


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