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Track and Log your Bite Events

Follow a previous route to a secret fishing spot, or explore an entirely new one. Map your bites and all the accompanying sensor statistics on the go. You can plan your next trip, or relive your last route with family and friends. Each moment on your map has a corresponding recorded video accessible with a click of a button. For each bite event. all the environmental data is logged (turbidity, salinity, temperature, depth, speed, geolocation).

Live Video

Stream Live Video

When used as a float/bobber, Spydro transmits a bird’s-eye-view of your fishing environment. You can finally get a feel for what actually goes on underwater, see silent bites, or enjoy the downtime between each catch. Spydro will also transmit bite notifications to your mobile device. You’ll never be late to set the hook again.

Fishing Library

Watch, Edit and Share

Each video in your library was automatically captured by Spydro when a fish bit your lure. This means all your fishing videos are short action packed. No more plugging in, browsing through endless hours of boring water footage and editing your videos. View, learn and share instantly. If it’s a curious short who nibbled by never bit, or your trophy fish giving you the fight of your life. Spydro will record it all.

Fishing Log and Statistics:

Relive and Improve

Your automatic fishing log contains all your fishing experiences. You can relive your route, learn from your bite events and view each corresponding video whether it is a catch, a bite or just a fish passing by. All of the weather and corresponding environmental data are cataloged for review. This is truly a smart archive and storage of fishing data and statistics for you to learn from your experiences and hone your fishing skills.