How It Works

Simple To Use

1 Rig Spydro to your line, before your lure.
2 Fish as usual.
3 Spydro captures the action automatically.
4 Instantly share your catch videos.

Fishing Styles.

Designed for Trolling, Casting, Still Fishing and Bottom Fishing.
Trolling See what you missed
Casting Learn more about your lure
Floating See beyond the bite
Bottom & Kayak Fishing Know where they’re hiding

Hear It. See it. Feel it coming.

Spydro is small, smart, and most importantly automatic! No need to struggle with complicated caps or buttons, simply cast Spydro and fish. Spydro will activate in the water and automatically record fish as they bite your lure or bait. Then, when Spydro resurfaces it will sync the short action packed videos it just recorded to your mobile device. You can now instantly view and share your fishing videos.