Meet Spydro

Smart Sport Fishing Camera

Spydro is a smart sport fishing camera that provides anglers with real-time strike notifications, live video streaming and action moment recording from the tip of the fishing line directly to a smartphone or tablet. Spydro seamlessly logs each session information for smart replay, analysis and sharing. READ MORE

Spydro automatically recognizes and edits the captured video based on action moment recording. Spydro is designed to capture the best and filter the rest. This means you don't have to browse through hours of non-action footage to watch or edit the best moments, it's already taken care of. With a push a button, you can instantly share your exciting videos with your friends.

Key Features

HD Underwater Camera
Bite / Catch Detection
Fishing Log & Statistics
Automatic Editing
Instant Video Sync
Cast & Re-live
IOS & Android App
Catch & Share


  • 4 Hours Li-ion Battery Life
  • FULL-HD 1080p 30fps or 720p 60/30 fps
  • Size: 14 cm Weight: 85 gr
  • 32GB Build in SD card
  • WiFi range up to 300 ft
  • Advanced stabilized body
Hear it. See it.
Feel it coming.